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Virgin Mary of Vimatarissa

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The Virgin Mary of Vimatarissa, also known as Ktitorissa, is considered one of the most miraculous icons of the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, but also of Mount Athos, in general. In fact, the history of this image dates back to the 10th century and is very moving, but also deeply religious. Many miracles are attributed to this icon over the centuries and it holds a prominent place in the hearts of the monks.

This is, after all, the “household” icon of the Vatopedi Monastery, which is placed on the Synthron of the Holy Altar of the monastery. According to tradition, Arkadios, son of Emperor Theodosius the Great, was shipwrecked and transported ashore under a bramble bush, with a miraculous intercession of the Virgin Mary, in the area where the Vatopedi Monastery would later be built, and where he found this icon of the Panagia.