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Άγιος Γεώργιος - Saint George

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It is an icon hagiographed in the late 15th century by an unknown hagiographer at Chandakas, depicting Saint George on horseback killing a winged dragon with his spear. It is one of the most popular miracles of the Saint, which occurred in the eastern province of Antalya, in the city of Alaya, under the reign of Selvios Christianomachos. In this city, there was a terrible dragon that grabbed and devoured people or animals daily. The king did not manage to kill the dragon and with his own command, each family would have to send their child as sacrifice to the dragon. When his daughter was captured, George the Great, who was the chief of the military unit of Diocletian, offered to kill the dragon provided that everybody including the King and the Princess would convert to Christianity. After the extermination of the dragon, Saint George called Bishop Alexander who baptized all people, including the King and his princes, a total of forty-five thousand people.